Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#TXLA16 Hello from Houston

In case you haven't heard, Houston has received a record amount of rain and is flooding. I drove down to Houston yesterday for the Texas Library Association Annual Conference and about 8 miles from the downtown exit I needed off I-45, I ran into a "Houston we have a problem" problem that my GPS said was an obstruction hazard.

The floodwaters had swept over the highway leaving tons of debris and the water had reduced our four lanes to one. You can imagine the mess. While sitting in line I had time to snap these pictures of the access road across from us. Eventually we made it through but when we reached our exit just a few miles farther down, the highway was closed due to flooding and everyone was being forced off. Rosie (you name your GPS, don't you?) worked hard but managed to find a new route through some rough looking neighborhoods and then PRESTO, we were in downtown and at our hotel.

Today it is sunshine but more rain and flooding is expected later this afternoon. TXLA16 is still happening, you can't keep a (future...almost) librarian down!

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