Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Odyssian Quest for Donuts - A Moving Vacation , part 2

 I have really bad arthritic knees and as I would not be any help in moving furniture down the stairs, I was assigned the task of clearing and cleaning out the kitchen which meant on moving day there wasn't anything in the kitchen to eat.  I did however keep the coffee and coffee pot which might have sparked a revolt if they had disappeared.

On our way to pick up the u-haul trailer, I had, what I thought at the time, a brilliant idea of picking up some donuts so we would have something to nibble on while moving furniture up and down the flight of stairs. I had Rob check the GPS for the closest donut store which according to the device was a mere 5 miles away from our current location.  Herein starts an Odyssian quest worthy of Homer.

When we started for the donut store we were nearing Norman and yet the GPS had us bypass Norman and continue on.  After 20 minutes, we had passed River Wind Casino and were heading for Newcastle when I finally had enough and told Rob we were turning around as no donut could be the this good and entail this much time to find.  Once were were back on I35 heading back to Norman, Rob said we were going to find a donut store in Norman as he now had his heart set on donuts.

Exiting Lindsey, the street the U-haul store was located, we noticed a "grand opening" donut store sign so I made a u-turn and turned into the strip mall.
Yummo, "Tasty Donuts"!  Getting out of the truck, I looked to the left at the neighboring store and started laughing.  Right next door to the donut store was...
This tickled our funny bones and we stood and laughed as we looked at both signs.  I had Rob stand so I could take a picture of the poster in the donut window...
This sign had me almost hysterical.  I'm sure the nice Asian couple inside the store was wondering what we were doing and laughing about for so long standing outside their door.  As we finally went in, Rob said to watch out for the "donut holes"! I was laughing so hard tears were in my eyes.  I guess both of us have the same warped sense of humor.

P.S. The donuts were delicious..including the FREE bag of donut holes included with our order.

A Moving Vacation

Our oldest son, Kevin, has been accepted as a seminarian for the Arch-diocese of Oklahoma City which means he needed to move the contents of his two bedroom apartment back home. Rob and I had already scheduled the first week of July as vacation and instead of going to Maine (to see the lighthouses) or to Mexico (to visit the youngest son), we spent our vacation in the lovely exotic location of Oklahoma.

As Kevin has a gaming collection of software and devices to rival Gamestop's inventory and as there aren't any basements in Texas, we rented a climate controlled storage unit in Norman where he could keep his collection along with his bookcases and boxes of books he would not need for awhile. Our first day was moving into the storage unit.
Our 4 month old puppy, Rufus, came with us to supervise the whole moving operation.
Day 2 involved Rob and Kevin moving the large bedroom suite and the rest of his possessions down from a 2nd floor apartment to the u-haul trailer we had rented. The outside temperature was about 100 degrees and the concrete flight of stairs got taller and taller as the day went on but they finally got the trailer and 2 trucks loaded and Rob and I were on our way back to Mansfield while Kevin who had a meeting with the vocations director the next day stayed behind. I drove Keith's little red Ranger towing the u-haul.  This was the first time I or Keith's truck had ever pulled a trailer but it went smoothly although it did take us 4 hours to get home instead of the usual 3.  His 4 cylinder truck seemed to lose a lot of power on those puny Oklahoma hills and it was very embarrassing to be passed constantly by even the slowest of drivers but we made it back safely.  Rob and I both tried to back up the trailer and as both of us failed miserably, we finally decided to just park it and they would have to carry everything up from the end of the driveway.  Our good friends came over later and backed it up nicely to the garage door.  Thank you Roger for rescuing us.

Day 3 - Kevin arrived home and he and Rob unloaded the trailer which was remarkably easier to do when you're not going up and down flights of stairs. Everything fit into his old room and all the boxes (his and Keith's) are on one side of the garage so I can still park my car in the garage.  Life is good.