Monday, October 11, 2010

Faster Than a Speeding Addi Turbo... It's Osmosis Knitter!!

My husband has become a "knitter by osmosis".  That's right, the fact that he is home he constantly surrounded by patterns, wool, pointy sticks, and a wife constantly chattering to him about her projects has yielded a "knitter by osmosis."  How do I know this?  Friday I picked him up from the airport and on the way home he mentioned that his seatmate on the plane was a woman who was "knitting", "on DPNs, "in the round", "making a sock and it was a "pretty pattern".  Tah Dah!!!  I've created a knitter or at least a husband who can talk the lingo and appreciate a good pair of hand knit socks.

 I asked him if he talked to her about his knitting wife or at least what kind of yarn she was using, but alas, he hasn't reached that stage of knitting nirvana yet.  He said he was afraid that she would want to talk knitting or patterns with him so he didn't say anything.  I'll have to work with him on that so he can truly amaze his flying companions.

 In my mind's eye I can see him first as mild mannered Rob, the weary business traveler, but then he happens to glance over and notice his seatmate has dropped a stitch a few rows back in her complicated pattern and doesn't know how to correct it!  This is a job for OSMOSIS KNITTER!  With a quick dash to the lavatory he returns resplendent in his superhero suit (with a hand knitted 100% ultra fine merino wool cape) and saves the day and the knitting project.